Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Man of My Dreams!

WOW! Talk about waiting until the last possible day. It is still February so I wanted to quickly throw my sweet Valentines experience your way.

Before you were married did you ever make a list of the qualities you wanted in a spouse? Well, I did. When I was in Young Women, I won't tell you how long ago that was, but it feels like yesterday, my leaders asked us to make a list of what we wanted in our future husbands, write it in our journal, then set goals to aspire to be as good as the person we wanted to marry. I did this and I still have the journal. It is HILARIOUS reading some of the things I wrote. I wish I could share some of those things with you, but I just can't find it buried under all the boxes that I haven't unpacked yet. We would have had a good laugh together.

Those goals must have worked because all of you know I married WAY ABOVE myself and almost 20 years later I am still playing catch up. He is so much fun and has the best personality, he sure makes things fun around the house. He is a wonderful Husband and the best Dad around. ( just ask the kids)

I think this picture says it all! He loves making the weirdest faces and I think this one is the best so far! What do you think?
There was just one thing that was missing on my list and those that know me know that I always wanted someone that could DANCE!! Yep, I love dancing and that was the only thing on my list that Daymon was lacking. SO, Valentines this year we had a dance. For 3 weeks before we were lucky enough to have a very talented couple teach dance instruction. We learned the 2 step, swing, fox trot, and other dance steps that I can't remember the names of. Daymon, very kindly, agreed to go and learn some dance step. It was SO much fun. Even Daymon admitted that he enjoyed himself.

So, He now has everything on the list (plus some). He is

Love You Babe!


Erica said...

You two are way too cute! Maybe Daymon can convince my hubby to actually get out there and dance too :)

luckyduck said...

You two are perfect for each other! That's so sweet of him to go along with your dance lessons.

Mike and Sonila Wood said...

I love you guys, you are just so cute and adorable together. I love watching and learning from you.
Miss you lots and lots.

Stathis Five said...

You two have always been so cute together. From the very first day. To sweet. That would be totally awesome to see you in July. Let me know the dates. We just saw Anita and Ron they came through on their way back home to Cedar Hills Utah.

Effie said...

so I haven't looked on your blog for a while and thought I would check out how ya all are. So pass on to Julie that I am so disappointed that I did not get invited to participate in this round even though I am on the other side of the world. Thanks for blogging what has happened so far.

sweetpea said...

You guys make a great duo!!!

Michelle said...

Pretty impressive brother of mine. Ya did good with the dance thing. I'm proud as punch. Is punch really proud? I've never been able to figure out that saying. You guys are so awesome. I miss you a ton. Love, Gooch

Tasha said...

I'm trying to picture in my head what Daymon did after he made that face. Here's what I came up with...No doubt he held the pose as long as he could until he was able to take a gander at it himself! Am I right...or am I right...right...right?!?!? I'm going to stay clear away from the dancing...I can tell even from the picture that it wasn't pretty!!haha Please tell me that he didn't at any time clap his hands or snap!!LOL I guess the better question here acually encouraged this?!?Hahahahaha!!!!Love ya Pit!!

Fran and LaVar said...

This post was so awesome!! Since Soni, Mike, Nate and I were there when most of these pics were taken it was fun to relive those dance classes. You two looked great out there dancing! Soni and I also had wonderful partners for that dance class.....Mike and Nate!!! Reminded me of the dances you two participated at CEU...could never forget the TOP HAT ENTERTAINERS!!! Suzanne, you did a great job in your tribute to Daymon. The love you two have for each other SHOWS, and I couldn't be happier!!! Love ya, Mom

Jared-n-Cindi said...

Great post Suzanne! Love the picure of Daymon! Awesome! Have a great week!!!