Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Man of My Dreams!

WOW! Talk about waiting until the last possible day. It is still February so I wanted to quickly throw my sweet Valentines experience your way.

Before you were married did you ever make a list of the qualities you wanted in a spouse? Well, I did. When I was in Young Women, I won't tell you how long ago that was, but it feels like yesterday, my leaders asked us to make a list of what we wanted in our future husbands, write it in our journal, then set goals to aspire to be as good as the person we wanted to marry. I did this and I still have the journal. It is HILARIOUS reading some of the things I wrote. I wish I could share some of those things with you, but I just can't find it buried under all the boxes that I haven't unpacked yet. We would have had a good laugh together.

Those goals must have worked because all of you know I married WAY ABOVE myself and almost 20 years later I am still playing catch up. He is so much fun and has the best personality, he sure makes things fun around the house. He is a wonderful Husband and the best Dad around. ( just ask the kids)

I think this picture says it all! He loves making the weirdest faces and I think this one is the best so far! What do you think?
There was just one thing that was missing on my list and those that know me know that I always wanted someone that could DANCE!! Yep, I love dancing and that was the only thing on my list that Daymon was lacking. SO, Valentines this year we had a dance. For 3 weeks before we were lucky enough to have a very talented couple teach dance instruction. We learned the 2 step, swing, fox trot, and other dance steps that I can't remember the names of. Daymon, very kindly, agreed to go and learn some dance step. It was SO much fun. Even Daymon admitted that he enjoyed himself.

So, He now has everything on the list (plus some). He is

Love You Babe!

Afraid of the water?

I love the water, always have and always will, if only we didn't have to wear swimming suits. (do you think we can make it fashionable to wear something that covers us from the neck down to, oh, just below the knees?) Anywayz that is a whole different blog someday.
I have one little one that is afraid of the water. AARON! We wonder where he came from because Daymon and I both enjoy the water, especially on the boat in the summer. We have taken Aaron on the boat ever since he was a baby and he seems to enjoy himself, he just never wants to get in the water. We realized this summer that he was afraid of getting his face wet. He didn't want water splashing on his face and NO WAY was he going all the way under the water.

About 7 weeks ago Aaron and his buddy Ben signed up for a ball and swimming class. They seemed to have a great time and after the first class Aaron said "I put my face under the water. . . . .(long pause) TWO times." By the end of the six weeks he was saying "Mom I put my face under the water at least 100 times". He is such a funny boy!

The last class the parents were able to go and watch what the kids learned. Much to our surprise, Aaron really got his face wet, maybe not 100 times but he definitely put it under water. We are so proud.
Watching him swim was hilarious! He is so cute. If you can't tell he is the one that's BOTTOM HEAVY. The teachers couldn't get him to raise his rear. hehe
At the end of class Daymon said "he might be able to be baptized now."
(he has 4 years to go so I think he'll make it)

This picture hurts my neck!

Aaron on the right with his buddy Ben.

This part was the best for Aaron! He, rightfully, LOVES the hot tub.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

"10 in 10" Week #4

This week we are taking things up a notch, or two!! I noticed last week that I felt a little water logged drinking all that water, but I think it helped curb my desire for as much food.

"Let's raise the bar this week and go with three challenges or goals. Here they are: keep drinking lots of water, go two days this week without refined sugar, and exercise 30 minutes a day for three days." Julie

Good Luck this week!

Monday, February 16, 2009

"10 in 10" Week #3

"The challenge for this week is to drink 6-8 8 oz. glasses of water a day. Several of you have asked for more information about the South Beach diet. Here is the website I went to: It has a lot of good info. If you don't struggle with carbs or sugar, then this diet won't do a lot for you. If either of these are your downfall, then you could see some could results. If you exercise alot, especially running, I wouldn't do this diet since your body needs the carbs to convert into energy. Some people feel weak or light-headed on this diet--so use necessary caution!
Another way to jump start the weight loss is to stay on about a 1200 calorie daily diet. My sister sent me an email with some good ideas for meals, snacks, etc. that would be good for any weight loss plan you choose. I will forward it along.
Have a great week and let's keep those pounds coming off!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"10 in 10"

I thought I would let all of you know about a group that was started a few years ago by Barb O. It was so much fun! Our goal was to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks by setting a weekly goal and emailing in to be accountable to the group. I seem to always do better when I have someone I have to be accountable to.
The group kind of dwindled for a little while but Julie P. has started it back up and I thought I would let you know what the goals are and if you want to participate you can. NO GUILT!! Just let me know how you are doing and we will try and keep each other motivated.

I will be combining the last 2 weeks so

Write down everything you eat.

It's eye opening for me to see what I put inside my body. AAHHH!

GOAL #2 (this week)
"One of my main struggles is eating breakfast and lunch instead of grabbing something on the go. So, here is the challenge for this week--only eat when you are sitting down--no grabbing and heading out the door!" Julie P.

"If any of you are interested, I am going to try something crazy starting next week. I'm trying to jumpstart the weight loss by going on the south beach diet. You can find the info online. Basically, for two weeks you give up all carbs, fruits, sugar, and milk. You can eat as much as you want of lean meats, vegetables, etc. The list of allowed foods is actually pretty extensive. The average weight loss for this two weeks is 8 to 13 pounds. So, if you want to join in, feel free!" Julie P.

So there you go! This is the goal for this week. Sit when you eat!
Remember there is no pressure to do this, just fun and hopefully motivating to get our bodies on the right track again.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Is the Pine Wood Derby for KIDS or DADS?

So, what do you think? Is the pine wood derby for the dad's or for the kids? Have you ever had your children say "Dad, it's supposed to be my car?" I haven't either, but pretty close to that.
The most fun thing for me is to listen to the bonding that happens as the father - son team come up with a plan to make a COOL, FAST, AERODYNAMIC design for their car. I do think that the dad's have just as much fun as the boys coming up with ideas and helping pull it together. Seeing them enjoy their time together and build and strengthen that relationship is the most important thing for me.

They named the car "Black Widow"

Two Cute Boys!

the weigh in

Watching the race! Who is going to win?!?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Levi's Birthday

It's Levi's Birthday was on January 29th! I can't believe he is already two. I have decided that I'm going to call it the Terrific Two's this year instead of the Terrible Two's.
As a family we always decorate the home and have their favorite dinner. Since Levi was throwing up this morning. I just made homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade bread. Yummy! I sure like those two smells better than the smell this morning. After dinner we had pack meeting. It was David's - PINE WOOD DERBY DAY -(I will post on this later).

After the Pine Wood Derby all the kids couldn't wait to come back home and have Levi play "hot and cold" to find his presents and eat cake and ice cream.

Can anyone tell me what the expression on Aaron's face is all about?

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun with Family

We love it when family comes here to visit. We were so lucky to have Mom Leonhardt, my brother Mike and his sweet bride Soni come and visit us for about a week. FUN, FUN, FUN! Some of our adventures included. . . .

Hearing Mom say "now what button do I push to kill him"?

Isn't there a saying "when the master's away the cat likes to play?" or something like that? Well, Levi had a little less supervision when the family was here. He used the diaper cream to finger paint on the carpet. Can anyone explain how little kids can get lids off and make such a mess in no time at all?

3 Women in a store, need I say more?

3 boys with their toys, this says it all! hehe

The kids LOVED playing with Uncle Mike!


From left to right Brooke, Levi, Mike & Soni, Mom, and Lana & Ryan.

Our little Albanian reunion. Mom & Dad served a CES mission in Albania for 18 months and got to know and love the people there. It didn't take any time at all for the people in Albania to quickly fall in love with Mom & Dad. They are good ones!

The couple on the right of Mom are people she knew in Albania. Ryan served a mission there and Lana is from Albania. This sweet couple now live here in Midland.

Mike, my brother, the big one on the left, was lucky enough to snag a sweet Albanian girl, Soni. She has made Mike so happy! This makes me happy. She is the beauty to the left of Mom. We will always be so grateful to Mom and Dad Leonhardt for setting things up for these two lovebirds.

This was the last day mom was here, we are all SOOO sad, BOO HOO! We don't want to let her go. Eating always makes us feel better so I had to make STICKY BUNS!

Mom is our sticky buns super model, isn't she cute!!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Favorite Quote

I just stole this quote from my friends blog, (thanks Kim) she got it from her friend. I don't know who the author was but it is a great quote I LOVE IT!

Live your life in such a way
that when your feet hit the Floor in the morning
Satan shudders and says, 'Oh, crap...she's awake!'

Author Unknown

I've Been Bug Tagged!!

I've been tagged by my sister-in-law! The rules: Name 10 things that bug you, then tag 10 people. I don't know what she was thinking tagging me, I never get bugged, hehe. I am only going to tag a few people so I won't be placed on their bugged by list. I tag Margene, Soni, Kierste, Heather, Brooke C., Erika J., and Julia K.!! I hope you are not "BUGGED" that I tagged you. I can't wait to hear what BUGS you.

1- My #1 bug lately is when I ask my kids to do something and they look at me with blank stares!! Can anyone explain that one to me?

2- When I set my alarm to get up and run with my girlfriends and sleep right through it. Yep, that happened this morning. Sorry Girls!

3- It bugs me when all my kids want to do involves sitting and being plugged in to whatever they can get their hands on. (computer, movie, show, nintendo, gameboy, etc.)

4- I am actually stealing this one from Tash. This might be more of a phoebia...the seats in the movie theater. I see them clean the floor, (kind of) but never the seats!! EEEWWW

5- When my hair won't do anything it's supposed to. (this is on a daily basis lately)

6- When I try and eat well and loose weight and nothing happens, or the pounds go up! I don't like that at all, and when everything that is bad for you tastes so yummy! NOT FAIR!!

7- When you buy a house and keep finding more and more things to change, fix and repair! Don't get me wrong we are SO happy to have a home, but enough already.

8- When I just bought a great pair of shoes and outfit for one of my kids and within a month they have put a hole in the pants and outgrown the shoes.

9- When I ask Daymon to go on a walk, or run with me and he just looks at me like I am crazy! (I don't ask that often, really)

10- I'm bugged that I am not in my 20's anymore. When I read to Levi I sometimes wake up an hour later. I go downstairs to grab something and by the time I get down the stairs I've forgotten what I needed. Wrinkles, fat, tired, hair loss, etc. does that paint a pretty picture?