Friday, October 31, 2008

At the end of the day do you empty out your pockets filled with the paraphernalia you have gathered throughout the day?

(this can be quite interesting some days)

My kids have a paper route and it is typical to have rubber bands left out, when I notice them, I pick them up and put them around my wrist until I can put them where they belong. . .

could it really be true . . .

our children learn from our example?

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Homecoming 2008

This was Nate's first real date, he even did the asking. I was so proud. What an awesome group to go with. . .

back left, Carly, Annie, Katie
front, Blake, Nate Daug-E-Daug, Scott

Nate and Annie

Aren't they cute!! They didn't even plan to match!

What good, good looking young men.

They met at Katie's house to take pictures, I think that they would have been fine skipping out on that ordeal, but look at the cuteness we would have missed. Annie, Nate's date had just returned from a Fleet Feet Meet (that sounds really funny) and she looks beautiful. It was so funny because I was more nervous than Nate, I was explaining how much money to bring for the evening, tipping, ordering the food, etc. he was just so nice to listen and let me feel like I had done my job in preparing him. They went to dinner at Logan's and then dropped in to the dance. Nate said the dance part was okay, he liked visiting with his friends there.
After the dance the fun began. They went to Adams and played flash light tag, if you don't know this game you need to talk to Annie, then they played sardines. This is another great game. Someone hides and everyone tries to find that one person, when someone finds them they hide with them until everyone finds the hiding place. This is the funny part. All the kids were in the hiding place waiting for Scott to find them and then someone heard sounds like snoring, someone had fallen asleep while waiting, It was NATE!! They all just laughed and had a great time together. I was so happy that things went well. In my opinion dating should be fun and this one seemed to be just that! FUN!
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Forgot Already

Okay, so I spent 5 hours with Kierste learning how to do this, got home and forgot everything. I hope this will work! Practice makes perfect, right? I will keep trying.


We made it! It's going to be so fun to keep in contact with everyone this way! Be patient, because I'm learning. Hopefully we'll have more updates later!