Monday, November 30, 2009

Nate's Senior Pictures

I can't believe I have a Senior in High School!! Where did the time go?
He has been such a joy to have as a son.
We just had his Senior Pictures taken and I thought you may like to see them.

Is he cute or is he cute?
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009 Family Photos

SIX really isn't that many children, but I feel like it is whenever we get ready for a vacation, EVERY Sunday, Parent Teacher Conference time, dinner time, sports events, the kids concerts in band and choir, every morning before the kids go to school, scripture reading time, AND when it is time to take FAMILY PICTURES.
It has been 7 years since our last professional family picture (I think that says it all right there). The chaos that precedes the photos is almost not worth it and the more kids you have the harder it is to get everyone to smile, have their eyes open and look in the right direction. AAH! We made it and without too much weeping, whaling and gnashing of teeth, from me.

This picture cracks me up! It is actually not bad for everyone else, just me. The first thing I noticed is that my arm is totally FAT. The second thing is that it looks like I am trying to strike a pose, when the truth of the matter is, I was trying desperately to keep Levi in his place because he was trying to escape. I have a death grip on his shoulder.

Aaron was laughing when we looked at these last few pictures. He said, "Mom, we took so many pictures, I forgot how to smile".

Well these are all our poses, and quite the poses they are. You will just have to wait and see which one we decide when you receive your Christmas card. (we will probably pick the one with the fat arms, hehe)
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello Friends, THANKS for looking at the house again and letting me know what you think. We really can't decide what to do. Should I paint the whole thing black? Is white still the best bet? It seems like the last vote White was the winner but there were some suggestions for Black, and since I LOVE TO WORK AND PAINT, I thought I would try the Black but it is a time crunch again because of the cold weather so if you can let me know soon I would love it.
Also, would you paint the whole entryway black and have NO white at all or leave part of it white?
THANKS in advance again!

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