Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Scarlet Fever

Levi has been really sick so we called a dear Doctor friend on Sunday and he said Levi has Scarlet Fever. He prescribed some antibiotic and Levi is doing Much better. THANKS DOC!! Some of the symptoms to look for . . .

-High Fever
-Sore Throat
-Red Mouth
-Swollen tongue
-Rosie Cheeks
-His voice sounded different because his throat was sore
-Little bumps all over the legs

. . .Tis the Season! I hope you don't get this.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Did I hear "HO, HO, HO". . .

. . .actually at my house it was the sound of "SEW, SEW, SEW".

The kids were talking about the family traditions and one of our traditions is to have new pajamas on Christmas Eve. With everything going on I haven't had time to make any so thus the sound of SEW, SEW, SEW, instead of HO, HO, HO.

I started sewing pajama pants after lunch on Christmas Eve and emerged from the sewing room at about 4:00 pm with 5 quickly sewn pajama pants, you can tell they were thrown together. Yep, I said 5. I couldn't bring myself to sew one more, poor Nate! 5 will have to suffice this year.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joseph Smith's Birthday

We never think that Christmas time has enough parties, so we always have to add another. Every year we have a birthday party for Joseph Smith on December 23rd. We had 4 families come over and play some games. One was "What do you know about Joseph Smith?" The kids and adults took turns sitting by the buzzer and the first one that knew the answer pushed the buzzer, it was crazy but fun. We have such smart kids, they get that from their amazing parents.
See how you do, Some of the questions were. . .

1. When is Joseph Smith's Birthday?
2. Where was Joseph Born?
3. What was Joseph's fathers name?
4. How old was Joseph when he received the Gold Plates?
5. What was Joseph's wife's name?
6. What was Joseph's mother's name?
7. What was the name of the Angel that first visited Joseph?
8. How old was Joseph when he had an operation?
9. What kind of operation did Joseph have?
10. How old was Joseph Smith when he died?
11. What was the date of his martyrdom?
12. Who was the oldest of Luci and Joseph Seniors children?
13. Name 2 of Joseph's most trusted body guards?
14. What were 2 of Joseph's favorite activities?
15. What titles did Joseph hold in Navoo?
16. What was the name of the first missionary called?
17. Who is the youngest of the Smith boys?
18. How many of Emma and Joseph's children survived?
19. What did the early saints call Navoo?
20. Who was Joseph's first scribe?

So how did you do? I bet you did great.
We had peppermint cake that was made from scratch, it looked great but it was overcooked and dry
(that is what I get for trying a new recipe in an oven that I am not familiar with), but the company was wonderful.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is taking the place of our Christmas letter this year. I thought we would let you know of our in's, out's, up's and down's for the year 2008. We can call this "The year of Change" for our family.

The BIGGEST change

We sold our home in June and moved to a friends home until we could find a home of our own to buy. While we were there we spent a great deal of time fixing it up, so hopefully it would sell in this crazy market. On October 31st we bought a new home and moved in on November 22, with a lot of help from our dear friends and ward members (we couldn't have done it without them).

The LITTLER changes

Nate is a Junior in High School! Where has the time gone? He must have some hard classes because it seems like he is studying all the time. He is playing and loving football (I don't think that will ever change). The Midland High Chemics had a wonderful season. The team won districts and went on to play some pretty tough teams and did very well. They didn't make it to the State Championship this year but we are planning on making it next year (Nate's Senior Year).

Brooke has decided to grow up this year. She is officially a teenager, and she let's everyone know it. She is doing great at reading and she loves to play jump rope with a new friend at school, Donna. It is so fun listening to her talk about her new friend. They seem to have fun together. Brooke also loves to play with Aaron, they are real buddies.

Brinli is a big 5th grader, the oldest grade in the school. She started playing the Trombone in band. Yep, that's right the trombone. She is actually really good. . . it's because she has "big ol lips". She is still so fun and the life of the party. She is a huge help with her siblings and still loves to be with her friends. She loves to sing, play soccer, basketball and play on the computer.

David's big change this year is that he was Baptized. This was such a wonderful event we were able to share with our dear friends here in Midland. He and his friend, Gideon Pierce, were able to be baptized on the same day. David continues to be good at everything he tries. We have been remodeling the new home and replacing many things. He loves to create new things with the old junk we are getting rid of. This has been fun to watch.

Aaron is 4 years old and started pre-school this year. There are 4 mothers that switch weeks and teach the children. This is something he really enjoys. He is the funniest kid we know. His nickname is Mal, which is short for "malnourished". He doesn't like to eat anything good for him. He loves video games and snacks. This makes for a great combination.

Levi's, our cute little 23 month old, biggest change is that he is finally starting to talk. He likes to repeat everything we say. This has been SO much fun, insightful also. One of our favorite things is to listen to him say family prayers. This is SOOO cute!

Daymon has been amazing at keeping up with fixing 2 homes, the one we moved from and our new home. He has been working so hard and could really use a break. In our last move we changed wards, which means that Daymon was released from the bishopric which he served in for 4 1/2 years. This was a bittersweet thing. He is happy to have more time but he will really miss the association with the ward members. The people in the ward are amazing and will be missed. In our new ward he was just called to be on the Activities Committee. He will make that SO fun.

I am just trying to keep up with six great kids and a wonderful husband. I highly discourage moving 2 times with 6 kids in 5 months. The kids were troopers. I am still running a couple times a week with my amazing 3 friends (we are crazy). It has been so cold! We have learned to really bundle up with underarmor cold gear and yaktraxm as our friends. I was just called to serve as the Laurel Advisor and I couldn't be more excited. I get to work with some amazing sisters and fabulous young women. I feel very blessed.

Something that hasn't changed is our gratitude and love for our Savior and for His restored Gospel. It is True! We Love It! Also, for all of you, our dear family and friends.

We Love You!

The Leonhardt Clan

Monday, December 15, 2008

Locks of Love

Brinli just cut her hair for the 3rd time to give it to Locks of Love. Locks of Love is an orgnization that takes donated hair and makes wigs for those that are sick and have lost their hair. If you want to know more about this organiztion you can check it out on their site

Brinli said "I am glad to know someone will be getting my hair that needs it".
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Friday, December 12, 2008


We love snow days at our house. The kids have a ritual when they think they might get a snow day. They wear their pajama's inside out and backward, do the snow dance, flush an ice cube down the toilet and sleep with a spoon. I have no idea where they got these ideas but this week it worked. We had 2 snow days in a row.

The first snow day we made our fun goodie plates for friends filled with nutter butter reindeer, Reese's peanut butter squares, candy cane cookies, toffee, and marshmallow wreaths. Brinli and David are getting really good in the kitchen.

The second day we went sledding at City Forest (our one hill in Midland).

David and Brinli

Brinli and Aaron
Brooke was FREEZING!

Brinli went down the big jump and wasn't quite the same after that.

Aaron was so happy to be out of the house after being confined for a few days with the flu.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a tangled web we weave, when we try to do more than possibly conceived!

Well some people have asked if we have fallen off the face of the earth and in some ways we feel like we have. We bought a new home on Halloween Day! Ironically we sold our last home on Friday the 13th. This whole adventure has felt a little funny,and hope it has come to a close.
We are still tiling the laundry room and putting decorative boxes around the outside windows of the home we rented for the last 5 months. We have felt truly blessed to have had such a great place to live.
The new home will be wonderful and we are really enjoying our new neighbors. They seem to be great. We hope to get to know them all better after we get done living in our construction site.
We currently are missing a ceiling in the kitchen, don't have a main floor bathroom because the floor has to be leveled and replaced. We have tiled, painted, added a gas line, and taken the cabinet doors off to paint in the laundry room, added canned lighting in the family room and kitchen, replaced a toilet upstairs, painted the bathroom walls and trim, painted walls and trim in the boys room and did a little decorating for Christmas. Here are some of the projects that we have tried to do.
Bathroom Floor

Kitchen Ceiling

Laundry Room

We have also been sick with the Flu the last few days. Aaron had it on Monday and Levi and Brooke were up most of the night last night.
Okay I just read this and it sounds like I am complaining. I am sorry! I am grateful that we have the opportunity to do all the things we have done. We feel very blessed!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween night at the "Trunk or Treat" Nate couldn't be there because he had the first "playoff" football game against Arthur Hill (which they won). Ben (batman) was the stand in for Nate because they are about the same size.

David "the thing"

Brinli "the Regal Princess" (I don't know what that means that is just what it said on the package)

Brooke "the cat"

Levi "the bee"

Aaron "the pirate"

We had a wonderful evening full of fun, visiting, eating, and more eating. After the "trunk or treat" we had to divide and conquer for the evening. We went to a friends home and had soup, bread and treats, it was so fun being there with our dear friends, Daymon was able to throw down some food before he hurried off to the football game, then I took the rest of the kids out for some more trick or treating fun.
Earlier in the day we CLOSED ON OUR HOME! Yep, we finally found a home, so we are not homeless any longer. What a wonderfully strange feeling. We are so excited about this new adventure but will be so sad to leave our dear sweet friends in this ward. They are wonderful people. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not moving very far away so I will still see them.
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HAIR CUTS ALL AROUND! It was time for the boys to get haircuts, all four of them. So for a few hours on Saturday they patiently waited to get their hair cut. They looked so good and like future missionaries I just had to take a picture so you could see them.
The girls felt left out so I had to add a picture of them also.

Future MIssionaries

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Friday, October 31, 2008

At the end of the day do you empty out your pockets filled with the paraphernalia you have gathered throughout the day?

(this can be quite interesting some days)

My kids have a paper route and it is typical to have rubber bands left out, when I notice them, I pick them up and put them around my wrist until I can put them where they belong. . .

could it really be true . . .

our children learn from our example?

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Homecoming 2008

This was Nate's first real date, he even did the asking. I was so proud. What an awesome group to go with. . .

back left, Carly, Annie, Katie
front, Blake, Nate Daug-E-Daug, Scott

Nate and Annie

Aren't they cute!! They didn't even plan to match!

What good, good looking young men.

They met at Katie's house to take pictures, I think that they would have been fine skipping out on that ordeal, but look at the cuteness we would have missed. Annie, Nate's date had just returned from a Fleet Feet Meet (that sounds really funny) and she looks beautiful. It was so funny because I was more nervous than Nate, I was explaining how much money to bring for the evening, tipping, ordering the food, etc. he was just so nice to listen and let me feel like I had done my job in preparing him. They went to dinner at Logan's and then dropped in to the dance. Nate said the dance part was okay, he liked visiting with his friends there.
After the dance the fun began. They went to Adams and played flash light tag, if you don't know this game you need to talk to Annie, then they played sardines. This is another great game. Someone hides and everyone tries to find that one person, when someone finds them they hide with them until everyone finds the hiding place. This is the funny part. All the kids were in the hiding place waiting for Scott to find them and then someone heard sounds like snoring, someone had fallen asleep while waiting, It was NATE!! They all just laughed and had a great time together. I was so happy that things went well. In my opinion dating should be fun and this one seemed to be just that! FUN!
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Forgot Already

Okay, so I spent 5 hours with Kierste learning how to do this, got home and forgot everything. I hope this will work! Practice makes perfect, right? I will keep trying.


We made it! It's going to be so fun to keep in contact with everyone this way! Be patient, because I'm learning. Hopefully we'll have more updates later!