Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joseph Smith's Birthday

We never think that Christmas time has enough parties, so we always have to add another. Every year we have a birthday party for Joseph Smith on December 23rd. We had 4 families come over and play some games. One was "What do you know about Joseph Smith?" The kids and adults took turns sitting by the buzzer and the first one that knew the answer pushed the buzzer, it was crazy but fun. We have such smart kids, they get that from their amazing parents.
See how you do, Some of the questions were. . .

1. When is Joseph Smith's Birthday?
2. Where was Joseph Born?
3. What was Joseph's fathers name?
4. How old was Joseph when he received the Gold Plates?
5. What was Joseph's wife's name?
6. What was Joseph's mother's name?
7. What was the name of the Angel that first visited Joseph?
8. How old was Joseph when he had an operation?
9. What kind of operation did Joseph have?
10. How old was Joseph Smith when he died?
11. What was the date of his martyrdom?
12. Who was the oldest of Luci and Joseph Seniors children?
13. Name 2 of Joseph's most trusted body guards?
14. What were 2 of Joseph's favorite activities?
15. What titles did Joseph hold in Navoo?
16. What was the name of the first missionary called?
17. Who is the youngest of the Smith boys?
18. How many of Emma and Joseph's children survived?
19. What did the early saints call Navoo?
20. Who was Joseph's first scribe?

So how did you do? I bet you did great.
We had peppermint cake that was made from scratch, it looked great but it was overcooked and dry
(that is what I get for trying a new recipe in an oven that I am not familiar with), but the company was wonderful.
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