Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a tangled web we weave, when we try to do more than possibly conceived!

Well some people have asked if we have fallen off the face of the earth and in some ways we feel like we have. We bought a new home on Halloween Day! Ironically we sold our last home on Friday the 13th. This whole adventure has felt a little funny,and hope it has come to a close.
We are still tiling the laundry room and putting decorative boxes around the outside windows of the home we rented for the last 5 months. We have felt truly blessed to have had such a great place to live.
The new home will be wonderful and we are really enjoying our new neighbors. They seem to be great. We hope to get to know them all better after we get done living in our construction site.
We currently are missing a ceiling in the kitchen, don't have a main floor bathroom because the floor has to be leveled and replaced. We have tiled, painted, added a gas line, and taken the cabinet doors off to paint in the laundry room, added canned lighting in the family room and kitchen, replaced a toilet upstairs, painted the bathroom walls and trim, painted walls and trim in the boys room and did a little decorating for Christmas. Here are some of the projects that we have tried to do.
Bathroom Floor

Kitchen Ceiling

Laundry Room

We have also been sick with the Flu the last few days. Aaron had it on Monday and Levi and Brooke were up most of the night last night.
Okay I just read this and it sounds like I am complaining. I am sorry! I am grateful that we have the opportunity to do all the things we have done. We feel very blessed!


Amie said...

So fun to read about you again! I'm most sympathetic about the flu- it's the only thing that won't eventually lead to luxurious living for you. ;)Isn't blogging fun? It's great seeing pics of what you're doing. We feel a little like we're there. We'll get to see it all finished too. Definately show more pics as you go!

Amie said...

p.s. Our blog is
take a break from construction and visit. Left the same comment on Halloween on accident- you might not see that one.

Jewels of a Child said...

Eventually you won't feel like you are living in the movie The Money Pit and your new home will be just that new! Love ya girl call if you need something!

The Jones Family said...

So fun to see your new home! You guys must have some sort of super powers we are missing - I seriously don't know how you attempt all of those projects with 6 kids - and get them done beautifully. I'm excited to see the finished product :) Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Tasha said...

Excuses, excuses!!(haha) Oh my gosh!! That is craziness! I am feeling picked on because my front door still isn't painted! But when we finally do paint it I am sure that we will move and start all over again! Dave and Daymon have a little illness that we like to call INSANITY!! Gotta love em!! So glad your back, I just wish that back was in Logan!! Love ya!!

Karen said...

I guess I was the only one confused by your title which included the word "conceived". I quickly read and re-read your message to see about your 'conception', but alas!! I was mistaken.

Michelle said...

Suzanne, you are so funny. Complaining in your last picture is not complaining. If you need some tips on that, you know where to find me. I need to see more pictures of your home. It looks like a lot of work. Yuck!! Visit my blog as well if you have some time.
Kind of fun. Love you!!