Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Little Melancholy

Have you ever heard people say "Enjoy this time with your children because before you know it they are grown and gone?" I used to hear that all the time and I just thought, I know, I know, I am trying. . . . just this month I have come to realize the full extent of that statement.

On January 2nd, 2009, my little boy, Nate got his drivers license. Where has the time gone? He should still just be 2 years old playing with every ball he could find and reading every little book he could get his hands on. It feels like yesterday that he was sitting on my lap and having me sing to him "Angel Lullaby".

He was so much fun and mom's little shadow. One of his best buddies was his Aunt Tash, she would spoil him rotten and give him anything he asked for. (This made it fun for parenting) When he had a dirty diaper we would ask him, "who do you want to change your diaper", his response was always "Tash". Yep, we trained him well. :) He still loves his Aunt Tash.

Little Man Nate at 5 months old. How much do you like our couch?

Nate learning how to walk with our good friend John.

Nate with his buddy Tash.
It's not looking like Nate likes all my hair in his face. Poor kid.

Just look at him NOW!!

We have been realizing that we have about 1 1/2 years left with him before he serves a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This time has gone by way to fast and so I am reminding myself to enjoy each day and take the time to smell the roses with my children.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trying something new

I have a good friend that has an awesome blog and I have taken an idea from her. I am starting to add my families favorite recipes on a blog. I named it you can access it by typing in that address or I have it titled on this site under Favorite Recipes. So, if you want, you can test some of these yourself and let me know what you think.
If you have a wonderful recipe that is tried and true and would like to share it with me, please do. I am always wanting to try new things. My family can attest to that.


Have a Wonderful Week !

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Isn't it amazing what kids will do when they are not supervized! We were visiting with Grandma Leonhardt and Brinli came downstairs with, who we know as Levi, and said "Let me introduce you to Lucy". It was so funny! He posed for us and didn't want to take the outfit off. (we couldn't get the outfit off fast enough for Daymon)
Personally, I think he is cute no matter what he wears. Look at that cute face.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Potty Training?

Just a few days ago I was looking at one of my girlfriends blogs where she is in the middle of potty training her twins and I just thought to myself, what a crazy time, I am SO glad I don't have to think about that for a while. The very next day . . .



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Levi got into Aaron's drawer and started putting on his underwear. I tried to convince him that they were Aaron's but he just kept saying, "NO, MINE". He would take them off (all 4 pair) and put them back on like it was a game. Daymon and I got a kick out of watching him. Taking them off was the best part. He looked like a donkey trying to get something gross off his back legs. It was hilarious.
Does this mean he is ready? I don't think so. Right now I think I will wait until Levi says "Mother, I think I am ready to go potty in the toilet please."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Top 10 for 2008

I thought it would be fun to share our families Top 10 for the Year. I asked the children what their tops were for 2008. It was funny because Brooke just kept saying "stay in a hotel and swimming", I don't remember doing that. She definitely has her favorite things. As for the rest of the group this is what we came up with:

1. Trip out to Utah to see their cousins, this was the kids #1.
2. David getting baptized by his older brother Nate.
3. Brinli & David serving on student council.
4. Brooke became a teenager.
5. Grandma and Grandpa Wood returned from a 1 year, teaching English, assignment in China.
6. Mike (younger brother) found the woman of his dreams and got married in the Logan Temple.
7. Nate set multiple weight lifting records in High School.
8. Daymon was asked to be the Session Director for the EFY at BYU Idaho and we got to go together. Daymon and I loved this.
9. Grandpa, Trav & Jaxson's visit from Utah.
10. Finding a Home to call our own.

We look forward to a great 2009 and hope that there will be many more visits this year from all of our dear family and friends. Our door is always open!