Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween night at the "Trunk or Treat" Nate couldn't be there because he had the first "playoff" football game against Arthur Hill (which they won). Ben (batman) was the stand in for Nate because they are about the same size.

David "the thing"

Brinli "the Regal Princess" (I don't know what that means that is just what it said on the package)

Brooke "the cat"

Levi "the bee"

Aaron "the pirate"

We had a wonderful evening full of fun, visiting, eating, and more eating. After the "trunk or treat" we had to divide and conquer for the evening. We went to a friends home and had soup, bread and treats, it was so fun being there with our dear friends, Daymon was able to throw down some food before he hurried off to the football game, then I took the rest of the kids out for some more trick or treating fun.
Earlier in the day we CLOSED ON OUR HOME! Yep, we finally found a home, so we are not homeless any longer. What a wonderfully strange feeling. We are so excited about this new adventure but will be so sad to leave our dear sweet friends in this ward. They are wonderful people. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not moving very far away so I will still see them.
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The Lowe Family said...

What a fun night and your costumes are adorable!!! I'm so glad you found a house and I'm even more excited that it's in our ward!!! Yeah!!!!!

Wallis Clan said...

So again I am leaving a comment at an hour that would promote insanity in a lesser person!!(haha)All I know is that I want to bite all of those cute little kids right now!! Why oh why do you guys feel that you need to serve selflessly!?! Kidding my gosh!! I wish that you were here and I miss you!(And Daymon too!)

Wallis Clan said...

By the way! I am only up because I am washing the outfit that Hailey just had to have tomorrow! Mother of the year thank you!!

Wallis Clan said...

That time is wrong! It is 12:39here! Ok I am going to bed!

eight happy "hardts" said...

Tash, you are such a riot, you always know how to make me laugh. "Mother of the Year" I'd say!

sweetpea said...

They are SO darn cute!! Love all the costumes!! (oh, and great stand-in for Nate, lol)

Wallis Clan said...

Ok I know that you are busier than 10 women combined, but I want to see this house of yours!! Hopefully you will be in soon!! Let the sanity begin!!

Love Ya!

luckyduck said...

Congratulations on your new house! It's a great neighborhood. I heard about it from Dale last week. What's up with everyone moving to the "other" ward?! jk ;-)

Great costumes!

Tasha said...

Um..........hello!!!! Where'd ya go?!?!

Amie said...

p.s. Our blog is
take a break from construction and visit.