Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is taking the place of our Christmas letter this year. I thought we would let you know of our in's, out's, up's and down's for the year 2008. We can call this "The year of Change" for our family.

The BIGGEST change

We sold our home in June and moved to a friends home until we could find a home of our own to buy. While we were there we spent a great deal of time fixing it up, so hopefully it would sell in this crazy market. On October 31st we bought a new home and moved in on November 22, with a lot of help from our dear friends and ward members (we couldn't have done it without them).

The LITTLER changes

Nate is a Junior in High School! Where has the time gone? He must have some hard classes because it seems like he is studying all the time. He is playing and loving football (I don't think that will ever change). The Midland High Chemics had a wonderful season. The team won districts and went on to play some pretty tough teams and did very well. They didn't make it to the State Championship this year but we are planning on making it next year (Nate's Senior Year).

Brooke has decided to grow up this year. She is officially a teenager, and she let's everyone know it. She is doing great at reading and she loves to play jump rope with a new friend at school, Donna. It is so fun listening to her talk about her new friend. They seem to have fun together. Brooke also loves to play with Aaron, they are real buddies.

Brinli is a big 5th grader, the oldest grade in the school. She started playing the Trombone in band. Yep, that's right the trombone. She is actually really good. . . it's because she has "big ol lips". She is still so fun and the life of the party. She is a huge help with her siblings and still loves to be with her friends. She loves to sing, play soccer, basketball and play on the computer.

David's big change this year is that he was Baptized. This was such a wonderful event we were able to share with our dear friends here in Midland. He and his friend, Gideon Pierce, were able to be baptized on the same day. David continues to be good at everything he tries. We have been remodeling the new home and replacing many things. He loves to create new things with the old junk we are getting rid of. This has been fun to watch.

Aaron is 4 years old and started pre-school this year. There are 4 mothers that switch weeks and teach the children. This is something he really enjoys. He is the funniest kid we know. His nickname is Mal, which is short for "malnourished". He doesn't like to eat anything good for him. He loves video games and snacks. This makes for a great combination.

Levi's, our cute little 23 month old, biggest change is that he is finally starting to talk. He likes to repeat everything we say. This has been SO much fun, insightful also. One of our favorite things is to listen to him say family prayers. This is SOOO cute!

Daymon has been amazing at keeping up with fixing 2 homes, the one we moved from and our new home. He has been working so hard and could really use a break. In our last move we changed wards, which means that Daymon was released from the bishopric which he served in for 4 1/2 years. This was a bittersweet thing. He is happy to have more time but he will really miss the association with the ward members. The people in the ward are amazing and will be missed. In our new ward he was just called to be on the Activities Committee. He will make that SO fun.

I am just trying to keep up with six great kids and a wonderful husband. I highly discourage moving 2 times with 6 kids in 5 months. The kids were troopers. I am still running a couple times a week with my amazing 3 friends (we are crazy). It has been so cold! We have learned to really bundle up with underarmor cold gear and yaktraxm as our friends. I was just called to serve as the Laurel Advisor and I couldn't be more excited. I get to work with some amazing sisters and fabulous young women. I feel very blessed.

Something that hasn't changed is our gratitude and love for our Savior and for His restored Gospel. It is True! We Love It! Also, for all of you, our dear family and friends.

We Love You!

The Leonhardt Clan


luckyduck said...

Wow, you've had a crazy year! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas! We might see you next week.

Kim said...

We got your Christmas card today!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!! Your family is so darling and it was sooo great to hear from you! What a year you've had. We're exhausted just reading about it! Did our Christmas card by chance make it to your house? With the moves and all, maybe it got lost. :) Happy Holidays to you!! It just seems like yesterday that we were in your home on 400 N. Merry Christmas! Love, The Hendricks

Amie said...

I request pictures of your house- befores and afters. Also, as someone married to one of the best nick-name giver's ever, I say "Mal" ranks way up there.

sweetpea said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Michelle said...

Hey sister, Crazy life, it makes me tired. Loved the letter it brought me up to speed. Wow, Daymon is going to have so much more time on his hands with his new calling. I'm sure he'll find something to fill it up with though. Congrats on you calling. That is exciting. Those girls are blessed to have you as their teacher. The kids are cute as ever. Tell them I love them and miss them. By the way, did you get the CD of the family pictures I sent you? Love Gooch

smilingcarriester said...

What a fun Blog! Thanks for sharing it with my family! I can hardly believe its been almost 7 years since you guys moved away! Yikes! It looks like things are going great--despite being a little crazy! :)
Sure love you guys lots,

Tasha said...

I'm not sure if you even noticed...but you're a busy clan!! We miss you guys!! I wish that you lived closer. This time of year makes me miss you more too! Remember the slippers...remember the jig that came with the slippers?!? Good times!!

Fran and LaVar said...

Well, today is Christmas Day and I just finished reading your beautiful Family Christmas Card. Thank you so much. Yeah, things are busy out there and knowing Daymon and you, it won't change. At least until your home improvements are exactly how you want it! Can't wait until I can get out there and see you all and also see the new house. And that will be soon because Santa filled my stocking last night and left a a plane ticket to your house! I'm so excited! Love you dearly, Mom Leonhardt

BarbO said...

I found you. Thanks for sharing your blog. I am going to enjoy checking in. I am surely delighted you've moved into this ward, what a treat and blessing for us!
Love, Barb