Thursday, February 26, 2009

Afraid of the water?

I love the water, always have and always will, if only we didn't have to wear swimming suits. (do you think we can make it fashionable to wear something that covers us from the neck down to, oh, just below the knees?) Anywayz that is a whole different blog someday.
I have one little one that is afraid of the water. AARON! We wonder where he came from because Daymon and I both enjoy the water, especially on the boat in the summer. We have taken Aaron on the boat ever since he was a baby and he seems to enjoy himself, he just never wants to get in the water. We realized this summer that he was afraid of getting his face wet. He didn't want water splashing on his face and NO WAY was he going all the way under the water.

About 7 weeks ago Aaron and his buddy Ben signed up for a ball and swimming class. They seemed to have a great time and after the first class Aaron said "I put my face under the water. . . . .(long pause) TWO times." By the end of the six weeks he was saying "Mom I put my face under the water at least 100 times". He is such a funny boy!

The last class the parents were able to go and watch what the kids learned. Much to our surprise, Aaron really got his face wet, maybe not 100 times but he definitely put it under water. We are so proud.
Watching him swim was hilarious! He is so cute. If you can't tell he is the one that's BOTTOM HEAVY. The teachers couldn't get him to raise his rear. hehe
At the end of class Daymon said "he might be able to be baptized now."
(he has 4 years to go so I think he'll make it)

This picture hurts my neck!

Aaron on the right with his buddy Ben.

This part was the best for Aaron! He, rightfully, LOVES the hot tub.

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luckyduck said...

That's great Aaron enjoys the water now. I miss that pool.

Tasha said...

I LOVE the water too...NOPE!! Maybe I need to take a noodle with me next time I go swimming!!haha By the way...don't ever insinuate that you're fat in any way shape or form....if you're fat, I'm joining the nearest fat camp!!

Erica said...

TOO cute!!! And the whole bathing suit thing little missy - I don't know of anyone with 6 kids who has such a rockin body!!!

Amie said...

I agree with everyone on you being more than qualified to wear a swimming suit, but if you invent one of those things that covers from head to toe, I'll buy one. :)

Fran and LaVar said...

Hey Suzanne, you're definately a 10 for sure!! You look great! Tell Aaron I'm so proud of him. He did an incredible job with his swimming lessons. I sure miss the early morning chats I had with him last summer AND just a few weeks ago. What a kid! Love him, Mom