Sunday, February 1, 2009

I've Been Bug Tagged!!

I've been tagged by my sister-in-law! The rules: Name 10 things that bug you, then tag 10 people. I don't know what she was thinking tagging me, I never get bugged, hehe. I am only going to tag a few people so I won't be placed on their bugged by list. I tag Margene, Soni, Kierste, Heather, Brooke C., Erika J., and Julia K.!! I hope you are not "BUGGED" that I tagged you. I can't wait to hear what BUGS you.

1- My #1 bug lately is when I ask my kids to do something and they look at me with blank stares!! Can anyone explain that one to me?

2- When I set my alarm to get up and run with my girlfriends and sleep right through it. Yep, that happened this morning. Sorry Girls!

3- It bugs me when all my kids want to do involves sitting and being plugged in to whatever they can get their hands on. (computer, movie, show, nintendo, gameboy, etc.)

4- I am actually stealing this one from Tash. This might be more of a phoebia...the seats in the movie theater. I see them clean the floor, (kind of) but never the seats!! EEEWWW

5- When my hair won't do anything it's supposed to. (this is on a daily basis lately)

6- When I try and eat well and loose weight and nothing happens, or the pounds go up! I don't like that at all, and when everything that is bad for you tastes so yummy! NOT FAIR!!

7- When you buy a house and keep finding more and more things to change, fix and repair! Don't get me wrong we are SO happy to have a home, but enough already.

8- When I just bought a great pair of shoes and outfit for one of my kids and within a month they have put a hole in the pants and outgrown the shoes.

9- When I ask Daymon to go on a walk, or run with me and he just looks at me like I am crazy! (I don't ask that often, really)

10- I'm bugged that I am not in my 20's anymore. When I read to Levi I sometimes wake up an hour later. I go downstairs to grab something and by the time I get down the stairs I've forgotten what I needed. Wrinkles, fat, tired, hair loss, etc. does that paint a pretty picture?


Fran and LaVar said...

Oh my Suzanne, you really crack me up. You are one of the most energized people I know!! I can't believe how you get up early in the mornings, run six plus miles, go strong all day and well into the night without a rest. You are so awesome! When Tash told me she was going to tag you, I told her that you would never come up with ten things that bug you. You just have that ability to take everything in stride. What an example you are to me! Love ya, Mom

Michelle said...

Funny how mom can't say any of those nice things to me. She really went wrong with me. Anyway, it's not being in your 30's that makes you tired, hair loss etc. because I am the same way and I'm only 28 and I've been that way for years. Your young sister. Anyway, your bugs were way funny, Love you, Michelle

Michelle said...

Forgot to thank you for the Christmas gifts. They are perfect and I love them. You are the best. /michelle

Tasha said... can't say that about me or Michelle!!! I was having a hard time limiting mine to just 10...I could have gone on...and on...and on...and on...ect!!!! I have to admit...I was a little shocked that you came up with 10! As for #10 HA!!! You're in better shape than half of the Olympic gymnastics team!!!! Nice try though...that was forced because you couldn't come up with another one!!

eight happy "hardts" said...

Okay, so I stink at the bug list. SORRY!! I am too good at noticing the things that bug me about myself and not so good at being bugged at other stuff. You guys all made the bug list funny. I'm not so good at that. Oh Well, I'll try better next time. :D

Jared-n-Cindi said...

Okay, I second every one of your "bugs". Especially the one about house repairs and kids not listening. Thanks for the laugh and helping me feel I am not the only one! Have a great day!