Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun with Family

We love it when family comes here to visit. We were so lucky to have Mom Leonhardt, my brother Mike and his sweet bride Soni come and visit us for about a week. FUN, FUN, FUN! Some of our adventures included. . . .

Hearing Mom say "now what button do I push to kill him"?

Isn't there a saying "when the master's away the cat likes to play?" or something like that? Well, Levi had a little less supervision when the family was here. He used the diaper cream to finger paint on the carpet. Can anyone explain how little kids can get lids off and make such a mess in no time at all?

3 Women in a store, need I say more?

3 boys with their toys, this says it all! hehe

The kids LOVED playing with Uncle Mike!


From left to right Brooke, Levi, Mike & Soni, Mom, and Lana & Ryan.

Our little Albanian reunion. Mom & Dad served a CES mission in Albania for 18 months and got to know and love the people there. It didn't take any time at all for the people in Albania to quickly fall in love with Mom & Dad. They are good ones!

The couple on the right of Mom are people she knew in Albania. Ryan served a mission there and Lana is from Albania. This sweet couple now live here in Midland.

Mike, my brother, the big one on the left, was lucky enough to snag a sweet Albanian girl, Soni. She has made Mike so happy! This makes me happy. She is the beauty to the left of Mom. We will always be so grateful to Mom and Dad Leonhardt for setting things up for these two lovebirds.

This was the last day mom was here, we are all SOOO sad, BOO HOO! We don't want to let her go. Eating always makes us feel better so I had to make STICKY BUNS!

Mom is our sticky buns super model, isn't she cute!!

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Fran and LaVar said...

Hi Guys! I just happened to check your blog a few minutes ago and saw your wonderful post. It was fantastic! Seeing the photos brought back so many fun memories..I just relived it all! Thanks so much. What a great week it was being with all of you. Wasn't it the greatest to have Mike and Soni decide to spend their first anniversary celebration with us all in Michigan? I also wanted to tell you that I went visiting teaching this afternoon and used the quotation you posted yesterday. What better way of teaching about the influence and divine role of women? Mom

Mike and Sonila Wood said...

Suz, I loved the post and the pictures, especially the one that we are shopping!!! I didnt post that one because our sweet and beautiful mom Leonhardt thought that she didnt look cute:) what is she saying, she is always cute!!!
Thanks for your lovely words and for being a great sister.
Love you guys so much

Amie said...

I really can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post! Ryan and I laughed out loud at "Now which button do I push to kill him?" I can just hear Mom saying that! It looks like so much fun, I could just about hop in the mini van and drive another 50 hours to see you guys!

sweetpea said...

Sounds wonderful Suzanne!!

Stathis Five said...

I cant believe that Mike is all grown up and married. Mom Leonhardt looks great. Levi is so cute. What a great mom you are. Sounds like you are doing great. Hope all is well.