Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"10 in 10"

I thought I would let all of you know about a group that was started a few years ago by Barb O. It was so much fun! Our goal was to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks by setting a weekly goal and emailing in to be accountable to the group. I seem to always do better when I have someone I have to be accountable to.
The group kind of dwindled for a little while but Julie P. has started it back up and I thought I would let you know what the goals are and if you want to participate you can. NO GUILT!! Just let me know how you are doing and we will try and keep each other motivated.

I will be combining the last 2 weeks so

Write down everything you eat.

It's eye opening for me to see what I put inside my body. AAHHH!

GOAL #2 (this week)
"One of my main struggles is eating breakfast and lunch instead of grabbing something on the go. So, here is the challenge for this week--only eat when you are sitting down--no grabbing and heading out the door!" Julie P.

"If any of you are interested, I am going to try something crazy starting next week. I'm trying to jumpstart the weight loss by going on the south beach diet. You can find the info online. Basically, for two weeks you give up all carbs, fruits, sugar, and milk. You can eat as much as you want of lean meats, vegetables, etc. The list of allowed foods is actually pretty extensive. The average weight loss for this two weeks is 8 to 13 pounds. So, if you want to join in, feel free!" Julie P.

So there you go! This is the goal for this week. Sit when you eat!
Remember there is no pressure to do this, just fun and hopefully motivating to get our bodies on the right track again.



Amie said...

Thanks for the motivation! I am SO tired of not feeling good about ME. I was going to start a diet yesterday, but now Ryan is out of town on business and food is keeping me company. :(

Our Family Adventures said...

Great idea, however, right now I am spending WAY too much time sitting in the hospital. Maybe mine this week should be only when standing :)