Monday, March 16, 2009

The Big 9 Year Old

David is now 9!! David's birthday was filled with games, yummy food, cake, streamers, and lots of singing. Birthdays are always so much fun. One of my favorite things to do on my children's birthday is to sing every variation of the Birthday song throughout the day. I have to sing the song at least as many times as they are old. So only 9 times today. You can imagine how fun that is for Daymon's birthday.

We started out the day by waking him up with a birthday song and his favorite breakfast, Bacon and Eggs! He also gets to pick his favorite dinner, which was "Shrimp Fradiavlo". That's kind of fun to say. Try and say that 3 times fast. hahaha

If you want to check out the recipe go to:

We always play the "hot and cold" game to find the gifts, you know, as you get closer to the gift you say hotter and as you get further away you say colder until you are burning up and find the gift. The kids love that! Levi even joined in the action this time, running around in circles laughing and saying hotter, colder, with his cute little baby talk.



Fran and LaVar said...

It was really fun talking to David on the phone on his birthday. I still miss his earlier birthdays when he would sing Spider Man to me soon as I would finish singing "Happy Birthday" to him!! He is such a wonderful kid and I love him to pieces!! BTW, did David's teacher receive the Flat Stanley letter that I mailed to her? Now that was a fun experience taking Flat Stanley all around Hyrum!! Love ya tons, Mom

sweetpea said...

What a fun day! Happy Birthday David!!