Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"10 in 10" Week #8

I hope you are all doing great on the weight loss band wagon. I for one have fallen off!! AAHHH! The weight loss roller coaster is NO fun, although it does make it a little more bearable knowing we are in it together and we can help and encourage each other along the way.
I hope you haven't fallen off the wagon yet and I hope you are all still doing great!


- exercise five days!
- no sugar for two days!
- four servings of vegetables each day!
- lots of water!



Fran and LaVar said...

Hey my Suzy,
This program is awesome. Let me share how I've committed to do my exercises each day.... I can't leave the house until I've worked out on the treadmill each day! You know what a goer I am, so this commitment makes me get up in the morning a little earlier and get the job done! Love you, Mom

eight happy "hardts" said...

WAY TO GO MOM! What a great goal!!