Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"10 in 10" week #7

Another week passed and I am still up on the pounds. YUCK! Once again I hope you are all doing great with this. This weeks challenge is a little more difficult, for me.

-limit caloric intake to 1400-1600 calories daily
-exercise at least four times this week.

Okay for me the exercise is not a problem but is it really possible to stay between 1400-1600 calories? I don't know if I can do that. I like food way to much. I hope it will be easier for you to do this. WOOHOO! Good Luck!

Here's to trying!


Tasha said...

I have a solution to your weight problem...YOU DON'T HAVE ONE!! You can't lose weight if you don't have any to lose...does that help?!?haha Love ya!

Amie said...

Happy Birthday to David! Suzanne- Tash has it right, and I have something to add. Being the type of person who can cook a thing called shrimp fradiavlo is not conducive to losing weight! Be the type that cooks the "Spagh-ett-ios", they're easy to resist! lol!

Fran and LaVar said...

Hey, I'm really trying! I like this week's challenge very much. I think I'll do fairly well on it until Sunday, then we'll be celebrating an early birthday for Michelle. I couldn't be rude and refuse eating some of her ice cream and cake! haha Excuses, excuses! BTW, Suzy-Q, I have to agree with Tash on weight loss for you. Sure love you, Mom

Allisha said...

Like you need to lose any weight! :) LOL I found your blog through Nichole's. It was good to see you through a few pics! Your kids are getting so big!! We are pregnant with number 5! We have one girl and 3 boys (expecting our 4th!) Where are you guys now? We're in Green River, UT--not so far from your hometown! LOL I haven't caught the blogging bug yet, but you can check us out on my husband's (educatorslife.blogspot.com) Glad Nichole found you! :) Love, Allisha (Millett) Hughes