Saturday, May 9, 2009

PROM 2009

Get ready this is a LOOOONNNGGG Post!
Having an older son dating has been so much fun but it has also been a constant reminder of how different boys and girls are. Most girls get so excited about activities, dates, and planning fun things to do, that it makes it easy for mom's, they don't need to encourage and prod, or be involved at all. BOYS, on the other hand, DO need all the encouraging, prodding, helping they can get (at least at our house).
It was less then a week before the Prom and no one seemed to know what was happening and plans were not coming together SO, the mom's took things in their own hands. WOO HOO!! (the mother's of these children are PHENOMENAL)

Nate was a good sport and let me plan the activity for the group before they all got dressed up. They met at the church and were given 7 individual envelopes tied together with a bow and some instructions. They were to go on a Video Extravaganza!
They were to do everything that each envelop asked them to do and record it, if they got done with all of the activities there was a prize waiting for them at the end.
Find the statue of a family at the tridge and record all of you doing “Ring around the Rosie’s”, yep, you got it “Ring around the Rosie’s”!! (Find someone to record you ALL doing it)

Take a video of you doing a line dance on the tridge. The music is provided for you in the CD player in the back of the Van.
(Find someone outside of your group to video record you)
Go to any park and take a video of the boys pushing the girls on a swing.
Go to the MALL, each couple must go to a different store or area in the store and somehow make a pose like a manikin together and video your position and hold your pose for at least 30 seconds, if you can do it longer, WAY TO GO!!
Go to the middle of the mall and find the bed in the play place and see how many you can fit on the bed to take a little nap. We of course need it recorded.
Go to Meijer and each couple must find something from a different isle, something a little obscure. I know you can do that!!
You need to, as a couple, come up with an ad to sell the product. RECORD it.

Hurry to the Larsen’s (405 W. Chapel Ln.) house and we have their permission to use their trampoline in the back yard. You need to video each of you doing your favorite trick!! Okay we are looking for crazy, funny, creative.
They did everything except making the ad in Meijer. They were running out of time so they just skipped to the last envelop. They did great!
It was Stake Conference this night and two of the older boys wanted to attend conference so the girls went to get ready while some of the boys attended Stake Conference. After conference the boys picked up their dates and went to the Dunford's home for a beautiful dinner.
Before they ate we, of course, had to take some pictures.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Nate with his cute date, Laura Workman!
from left to right, Alex Ostergaard & Annie Kruegar, Craig Jones & Carly Ostergaard, Trenton Dunford & Alyc Sponseller, Nate Leonhardt & Laura Workman.




The dinner consisted of a delicious Salad, Tomato Basil soup, Shishkabobs, Baked Potato, with a yummy Trifle Desert. That is making me so hungry, the food was delectable.

I have to add one interesting fact about this group. Most of them didn't want to spend very much money and they didn't really want to go to the dance. OKAY, MY QUESTION TO YOU IS -- HOW CAN YOU GO TO PROM AND NOT DANCE??? At least this was what most of the mom's and I thought. Of course we took the matter into our own hands and one of the moms was able to set up some decorations at an aerobics center which means, mirrors, sound system, good size room, etc.) and I came up with 2 more envelopes for the kids to open and follow.

You may have gotten out of going to the Prom but hey, hey, hey, you need to go to
4422 No. Saginaw , when you get there You’ll know what to do!!
We put the key in the envelop.

The group got there and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, you each have $1.00. You can go anywhere you want to pick up a treat for the movie you made, you can combine your money to get something bigger or you can get your favorite treat, chocolate, popcorn, gummy worms, whatever $1.00 can get.

They were running out of time so they just skipped envelop #9 and just ended up coming to our house and going in the four seasons room to watch the funny video that they put together that afternoon. We could hear them laughing and having a great time together.

To me, this is what dating should be like at this age, get with a fun group and go out and have a blast together. I think they all had a great time and they created some great memories!


sweetpea said...

HOW fun! I miss this kind of stuff...maybe we need to do an adult version. :)

smilingcarriester said...

That's AWESOME! Can I just say that! :) Wow! I can't believe that Nate is old enough to go to Prom--but, wow! What a fun day!

I wish dating could still be like that! :) Hmmm....

What a great mom!

Fran and LaVar said...

Hey there! I just finished reading your post. Loved the photos! Man alive, what a fun date! All your work really paid off, Suzanne. What an amazing mother you are! Have to admit that it kind of freaked me out a little seeing Nate have his arm around his date. What?????? hahaha Mike and Soni are here now and we're having a wonderful time talking about you guys. Love ya, Mom and Dad