Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Band & Choir Concert

Brinli had her 5th Grade Band and Choir Concert at Adams Elementary. They sounded very good for being in 5th grade. The big instrument to the side of her is a TROMBONE, it is almost as big as she is, she thought this instrument was COOL because of the slide.
She has a gift for music and can play quite well.

Brinli and Alexa

Brinli also sang in the choir, she was part of a special group that sang a pretty
descant to one of the songs. She is growing up way to fast.
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Fran and LaVar said...

We are sooooo proud of Brinli and her many talents, not to mention how adorable and cute she is. Just like her mother!!! Can't believe how grown up she's getting! Love you guys, Mom and Dad

Jewels of a Child said...

Good Job Brinli!!! I wonder where that talent came from? It is funny that our kids have best friends that are siblings and aren't members of the church!

Amie said...

Not the least bit surprised by her musical gifts. This was fun to see and read about! Our babies are growing up too fast!

Barbara said...

Glad to know of another female 'bone player. They're not as uncommon now as when I was in 7th grade and the only gal with the slide. Way to go Brinli. Maybe we should get together to jam sometimes. Trouble is, I sent the trombone back for a nephew to play.

luckyduck said...

Brinli is such a cute girl! Sounds like she's very talented too.

sweetpea said...

Great job Brinli!!!