Friday, May 29, 2009

Jenny Jordan Frogley

Have any of you, or all of you heard of Jenny Jordan Frogley? We'll on Saturday May 9th, we were so lucky to have her come to our home town and perform for us. We have loved her voice for years and found out she is related to Wendy Plewa in our ward. They look so much alike that we were both surprised that we didn't put it together sooner.
We were able to spend some time with her during the day got to know her a lot better. We love her even more after spending some one on one time with her.

Brooke listens to her CD everyday and knows all the words to the songs!
Daymon thought it was AWESOME to sing with her the new EFY theme song for 2009. He said it was an amazing experience. She is just SO good!

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Michelle said...

That is way cool!! I have listened to her at Time Out For Women many times. She really is good. Neat experiance. Love you, Gooch

Amie said...

That is one duet I would LOVE to hear (she and Damon). How cool to meet her and cool that she's a likeable person as well as a good singer.

sweetpea said...

It was a great concert!

luckyduck said...

How fun to have been able to meet her! I haven't heard her music so I'll have to check it out.