Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Day of School

What a fun exciting day the first day of school was, Tuesday, September 8th! The kids were so excited and had their clothes out the night before, even the boys. This feels like it will be quite a year. We are in 5, five, yep, FIVE different schools this year! Isn't that some kind of record!! It sure is for me.
Just imagine starting out at 5:50 am getting the first one off, then hurry, hurry to get #2 out the door and on the bus, #3 is pretty self sufficient and does great getting herself ready and out the door 15 minutes after #2, BREATH. . . . . . . . .(there are days that I have to remind myself to breath during the craziness of morning times) then finishing getting child #4 & #5 ready for Elementary and after they get off I get to start on child #6, my sweet little preschooler.

This big kid is such a good sport, letting me take his picture on the First Day of School.

She was excited to ride the bus and see her teachers again.

She has been counting down the days until she could start school, be with friends, open lockers and walk to different classes. She is growing up way to fast.

Starting a new school today! I am excited about this year for him, what a handsome boy!

I am usually sad to have my kids start school, and I feel melancholy the first week but he was SO ready to go. Watch out Kindergarten Here I COME!

"One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the same" do you recognize this song? It is from Sesame Street, oh the good ol' Sesame Street days.
The one in green is my son's friend, our neighbor, walking to school with us on the first day of school.
After the first day of school I couldn't believe the HOMEWORK that the teachers gave to the kids FOR ME to fill out and send back the next day. I was filling out paperwork for hours.
Even during the crazy hustle and bustle that school and six children bring I can't help but be SO grateful for my wonderful kids and the opportunity I have to stay home and be a mother.
"IT'S FANTAASTIC!" -Nacho Libre-


Michelle said...

Hey good to see that you are still blogging sister. The pics are awesome. They all look so dang grown up. Love you!!

Melissa said...

It was fun to see all of your cute kids! Your backdrop is really cute! Aaron looks so grown up to me.

Amie said...

I'm so glad you posted about this! Five different schools!?!?! DEFINITELY a record! Just want you to know- the other day the girls were asking WHY they had to keep taking piano lessons, and I told them it was so they could sit down for FHE with their families one day and play all of the songs on the piano like their Aunt Suzanne does. It worked. :)

Fran and LaVar said...

So now I know why it took a long time to reach you by phone! Five of my grandchildren in five different schools. Wow!! Bet you're on the road A LOT!! The pics were gorgeous. Every one of them. I keep looking at Aaron. The day finally came that he was ready for TWO years ago. His teacher could make a million dollars documenting all the funny things Aaron says in all his seriousness.

luckyduck said...

Wow - 5 schools! I don't know how you do it. Your kids are great!

sweetpea said...

Five different schools makes me tired just thinking about it! Wow girly, you are one busy mama!

Stathis Five said...

Glad you sent them off to school. What an amazing woman you are. Hey I will be back in MI in on the 7th. Let me know what day would be good to see you.

Tasha said...

Hey! I though you might have given up on the blogging world!(kind of like what people thought about me for a while!lol) Love the pics...cute little midgets! I can't believe Nate....shouldn't he still be doing front flips of the couch, and answering "yes" with "I"?!? Tell him to stop it right now....I want them all to stay little!!