Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 Summer Time Fun

I started this blog thing to keep in contact with family, friends and to have it partly be our families scrapbook and, just like my old scrapbooks, I am VERY behind, so GET READY THIS IS A CATCH UP POST!

This summer feels like a whirlwind of comings and goings, ups and downs, firsts and lasts. It has been interesting thinking of this being one of our last summers with Nate before he leaves for College and his mission - SO - we filled it with as many memories as we could.

One first and maybe his last. We BUZZED DAYMON'S HAIR! After Daymon buzzed the 3 youngest boys hair he started on his own head and called me upstairs to finish and get all the stragglers. He has wanted to do this for a LONG time but it has never happened until this summer.

He could be bald and he would still be good lookin'!!

The first part of the summer we were able to go down and visit my sister in Indianna for her daughters baptism. While we were there we attended the Science Center and the Zoo.

Bubble Machine at the Science Center.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with trinkets and water.

At the Zoo.

Two cute kids!

Daymon hasn't shaved all week.

The kids favorite part of the Zoo was the little water park.

We have LOVED having a boat and we go out as often as we can during the summer, we were only able to go out a few times this summer but we enjoy being in the water whenever we get the chance and we are delighted when we can have friends join us.

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(more to come later)


Jewels of a Child said...

I have one of these summer post coming up soon!!!

Karen said...

Great pictures Suzanne, though I see you managed to avoid posting any pictures of YOU! Whats with that?

sweetpea said...

What a fun summer! Love the buzz, Daymon!

luckyduck said...

Sounds like you had a great summer!

Fran and LaVar said...

Very enjoyable, Suzanne! It's fun to get caught up on some of the summer fun, huh? Loved the pics of everyone, but I DID miss seeing you in them! Okay, that buzz is cool on Daymon, literally. He wore his hair that way for years when he was little and I thought he looked great!! Sure enjoyed talking to you on the phone this morning. Love ya tons and tons, Mom

Zoom said...

So good to see your family, and the one picture of you...But who would take the pictures otherwise, right?! I called you about a month ago. Aaron answered and you were gone. I'll try again soon. Miss you!

Our Family Adventures said...

Such fun pictures! It has cooled off so quickly, it is fun to see the summer pictures and remember it really was warm for a little while!!