Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls Camp and Brooke

Brooke's first year of girls camp was so much fun. SHE LOVED IT and I felt like she grew leaps and bounds, in just one week. She was gitty, funny and became more independent this week.
These were two of the girls in Brooke's cabin. Rachel and Sydney

Brooke, Kelsey and Sarah

Sara, Holly, Breezy and Brooke

The girl in the center on the floor is KENDRA. This was Brooke's best friend at girls camp. No matter what we did Brooke wanted to do it with Kendra.
"Brooke do you want to go on the paddle boat with me?" No Kendra.
"Brooke it is time to go to certification." No Kendra.
"Brooke lets go visit the 4th year cabins". No Kendra.
"Where's Kendra?"
Brooke is so much fun and very persistent. She knows what she wants and it is very difficult to get her to deter from it, as you can see. This can be a blessing and a little bit of a curse.
I had a wonderful time being with Brooke, the Young Women, and the leaders. It was so much fun watching everyone and their interactions with Brooke, both those that knew Brooke and those that didn't know Brooke. Some were sceptical, at first, not knowing how to talk to her or how to treat her and then by the end of the week there was an outpouring of kindness and friendship the girls exhibited toward Brooke.
I am continually amazed and grateful for the spirit that our Heavenly Father pours out on the Youth of the Church to strengthen and build them and their testimonies, they are WONDERFUL and I feel so blessed to be able to be with them.
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Amie said...

That was fun to read about! Good job for surviving and loving Girl's Camp Brooke! That's awesome! :)

Mike and Sonila Wood said...

I love Girl's Camp too my Brookie, I'm so glad you had so much fun.
I love you


Fran and LaVar said...

Wow, I got a little teary thinking about how grown up my lttle Brooke has become. Girls Camp...Yes! Looked like she had a blast. Loved the photos. And Suzanne, how neat that you were there also! Love ya!

luckyduck said...

Brooke is turning out to be a beautiful young woman. So glad to hear camp was a great experience.

Amie said...

(answering your comments)
Suzanne- Here's one even better. WE have a house right next door to US that is for sale as we type! :) Come on down! :) No... I can't let you leave that amazing house you live in just yet, with the "seasons" room that I HAVE to see sometime.

sweetpea said...

Yay Brooke! I'm so glad she had such a good time!!

Stathis Five said...

I am home. Love to meet. Give me a call. Kathryn.

one busy mom said...

Brooke cracks me up!