Monday, October 4, 2010

Brinli's,well MY, Election

Well, I decided to run for Vice President for her student council. These are some pictures for my campaign.

The jokester hat :)

My friend showed me a cool website that allowed me to do this to me and it is really cool!!!!!!!!

Of course this one went on my poster

The one to let people know who I am.

Well I was running against two of my best friends, a new girl, and one boy. They boy who is named Jack Yarosh ended up winning the election which I was not surprised about. It is good that he has good sportsman ship because if he wasn't that wouldn't be cool, obviously. :)
Well, we are trying to figure out how to post the video so I will keep you guys posted on that :)


eight happy "hardts" said...

Something I just realized, that is now fixed, I HAD A CRAZY EYEBROW!!!! Seriously that thing was almost worst than a unibrow! :) -Brinli

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