Thursday, August 19, 2010

Once Upon our Summer, part 3, Girls camp!!!

Once Upon our Summer.........

we got home the day right before girls camp in enough time to pack and NOT watch the fireworks on the fourth of July! Go figure :)! The next morning after we got home from Utah we left for girls camp! Just a warning there are not going to be many pictures on this post and I will explain why. Brooke got sick on the second day and so my mom had to take her home and they never came back. I also got sick on the second day so I didn't get to take any pictures here are a few that I took anyway! I was sad that I didn't take any outside of my cabin. Our theme this year was "Oh the Places You'll Go" and my cabin theme was Green Eggs and Ham!!!!

My YCL Stephanie Burns is on the botton bunk there and here is one of my camp friends Tory Mattewson.

Here is Justice Sears, on the left, and Tory teaching her how to play the cup game.
One of my best friends from Midland was in my cabin and that was a BLAST!!! Her name is Anne Skaug.

This is a collage of girls camp pictures of Brooke from last year since we didn't have any of her this year.

We had the best food made and the best time EVER!!!!! We had a skit night which was a total blast and everybody loved testimony meeting. It was a good time to get to know the other girls and know how things were going for them. I cannot wait to go to Girls Camp next year!!! And I promise I will get more pictures :)


Fran and LaVar said...

We really are enjoying your posts, Brinli. Girls Camp....hummm. I love Girls Camp. I haven't been for quite a while but everytime I remember those camps, I have to smile. Great memories! Sure glad you got back to Michigan in time to go! Love ya, Grandma Leonhardt

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