Monday, August 16, 2010

Once Upon our Summer, part 2, Wood Reunion

Once Upon our Summer.........

we went to the Wood family reunion (My mom's side of the family)!!!!! We had a wonderful time seeing long lost cousins at Bear Lake in Utah, again I love that place.

To make a long story short, this lake isn't as pretty as it looks! My uncle took us out on the speed boat and my; cousin and I went on a one person tube, really smart right, and my uncle tipped us with no mercy! I went back to where we were staying and my mom, LOVE HER, said that I was having mixed emotions at the time. If any if you have been to bear lake you would know how cold it is and so I was having a mix of being exposed to the sun, dehydration, and shock. Really fun experience! Well once recovered from that IT WAS A BLAST!!!!!!They had two really nice pools and a park behind the little condo we were in. It was so much fun.

This is a game that we all know! Yeah..... reeeally fun :P

Of course when we take the picture she is wanting somebody else :) This is my cute little cousin Ava who I saw for the first time and we just fell in love with each other.
Aaron would always stand up on the end of the slide so he could "scuba dive" in!!
Lounging in the pool
Happy, Happy

This was after the pool and believe it or not we were going super SUPER fast. (See me holding on for dear life in the right hand corner if you don't believe me :)

Brookes face says it all.

Good Aunts, Uncles, and cousins

We all enjoyed being here with the Wood family.


brown paper packages said...

Are you related to a Warner Wood?

I'm loving these summer posts!!

Amie said...

LOVE the updates Brin! Thanks for doing it! :)