Sunday, May 30, 2010

2010 "PROM"

OOOPS, I must have put in the wrong picture, or maybe not.
(Warning: Long Post)


- plant flowers at the church
- walk 4 miles at the tridge with Briniloo and the other Young Woman
- Brinli soccer game (she was really tired after those 4 miles then a soccer game)
- make cheesy potato soup for Stake Conference Adult session
- Nate pick up flowers for Carley
- Take Brinli to a friends house about 20 minutes away to finish school project

- Think to myself, Nate hasn't ever been in a car accident. (Random, I know)

- Aaron's soccer game
- Hurry home to shower for Stake Conference
- Help Nate clean out and polish the inside of Black Beauty (our little car)

-Think again, Accident? . . . . . HUH?

- Nate leaves at about 4:00 to pick up his cute date, Carley, they go to a friends house to take pictures.
- I hurry over so I can be one of the adoring mothers taking pictures of the cute kids.

- Nate and Carley go to the church (where Daymon is attending Stake Meetings) so we can get a picture of us with the cute kids.

Nate and Carley
Nate is mine but I will claim Carley as my own.
(doesn't she look like she could be one of mine)

- The Two Cute Seniors! Prom Dates! Friends! Head off to Dow Gardens to take some MORE pictures with a different group of friends.
(Nate LOVES taking pictures)

This is the LIMO group! Let me explain. This group of kids are some of Nate's friend from football, student council and others that decided to attend PROM together. They thought it would be fun to rent a limo and go to Mt. Pleasant to eat dinner, then come back for the dance. Nate didn't want to spend the money on the limo ($50.00 for Nate and $50.00 for Carley) He also didn't want Carley to have to spend the money either SO, he decided to follow them in the black car (black beauty).

Right after the evening session of Stake Conference was done (this was good timing on Nate's part) Steve Wilson came up to me and said Nate and Carley have been in an accident. They are okay but they need to talk to you. At first I thought it was a joke but quickly realized that it wasn't. I hurried out to the hall so I could talk to Nate. He was heading down a hill and ran into the back of the LIMO, yes THE LIMO, the same limo that all of his friends were in, yes the same one that would have cost $100.00 to ride in.

This is the result! The car is TOTALED!

We made the best out of the night and both parents took their children out to dinner with them at the luxurious, romantic, delicious, unforgettable. . . . .


(I am laughing out loud right now)

Prom night 2010
Making the best out of a very interesting, unforgettable evening.

Nate's face says it all.

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Fran and LaVar said...

Well, this was quite a memorable date!!! haha Prom 2010 will be talked about for years to come. Glad that no one was hurt. Too bad about the car. You guys sure have busy lives but soon it will be VACATION. Yeah! Nate and his friends sure looked gorgeous for Prom.