Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Bigs and Littles

Hey this is Brinli! Well since I look at the blogs ALL the time I thought "hey this could be fun so I started looking trough some pictures and thought it would be cool for a flashback on the kids so here it goes. ENJOY:)
Take one guess who did this. Love his cheeks.
This was at Christmas. He was excited about the earrings he gave me.


Can you guess why I chose this picture. The file I got it from was named 11 months and chubby

Not so chubby anymore:)

If your kids don't want to brush their teeth, show them this picture. This is what happens.
He looks a little MORE AWAKE!! This was at his pinewood Derby and his car was pretty cool actually:)


This is embarrassing. REALLY embarrassing!LOL:)

This picture was actually taken in one of my favorite cousins room *cough cough* Alli and Savannah. Love you guys! Anyway i may be considering photography:)

Smile for the camera Brooke!!!! We all love your smile:)

This was a picture we took so Brooke could pass something off for the personal progress program.


He went from Batman..........

to football man:)

Hope you enjoyed this because there is going to be more posts that I will be doing in the future.


Karen said...

Way to go Brinli!! I have some cute pictures of you when you were a sunbeam!

Amie said...

Good choices on the pictures and comments Brin! I'll have to have Alli and Savannah get on and look too! Looks like you have inherited your Mom's talents! :) Keep up the good work!

eight happy "hardts" said...

thanks for the comments it was really fun to do and amie i think that it would be cool for alli and savannah to see. :)

brown paper packages said...

Great pot, Brinli! I love all the pics.

Mike and Sonila Wood said...

great pics!!! they are all so ute and funny!!! love them!

luckyduck said...

Cute pics! It's always fun to look back and see how much your kids have changed.

Fran and LaVar said...

You're doing great, Brin!! The pics were all oh so cute and brought back some great memories. It was so fun seeing your Mom and Dad last week even if it was only for a day. Hey, we'll take them whenever we can get them! Love ya, Grandma