Friday, February 5, 2010

My Baby is THREE!

Where has all the time gone. Sweet little Levi just had his 3rd birthday. He was so excited all day. We made him his favorite breakfast, bacon, eggs, and hash browns. Sounds good doesn't it. Well honestly I think he would have rather had pancakes instead of the hash browns. I will know better for next year.

He kept saying "it's my Birfday?" I'd just say "Yep" and would proceed to sing him the Happy Birthday song. I think I sang him every rendition of the birthday song I new, many times. It was so fun watching the excitement on his face every time I broke out in song. Oh, he is a cutie!

We had a birthday party for him that night with the Larsen children and Hannah Hirschi. Hannah and Beth decorated the whole downstairs for the party, all they needed was some colorful paper and tape. They were so creative, It turned out AWESOME!

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Good old Mickey Mouse!

I think Dad wants a turn. :)
Levi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY we sure LOVE YOU! You are such a blessing to our family, you bring us such joy and happiness.
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Amie said...

The cake looks awesome! All of you look awesome too! We miss you so much! Can't wait for this summer. Happy Birthday Levi!

Karen said...

Wow, 3!! Did you burn your maternity clothes? Watch out, otherwise!

Fran and LaVar said...

We are SO excited for our Levi Jesse turning three years old! He truly is an honor to his Dad. It was so fun talking to Levi on the phone and singing "Happy Birthday" to him. I could tell that I had his complete attention! He is a gorgeous little boy and we love him dearly. Looks like his party was a great success but I have to admit, I was somewhat tearful when I saw how big he's gotten. Yeah, we're coming out there soon 'cause I'm SO homesick for all of you!!

Mike and Sonila Wood said...

Little Levi, Happy birthday!!! I still remember when i first saw him just before Mike and I got married. Everyone was in love with Levi. You are sooooo cute!!!! Miss you guys, cant wait to see you in summer

sweetpea@brown paper packages said...

3???? Happy Birthday, cute boy!!

Tasha said...

Cute little man! I can't believe he's 3 either...I wish there was some way to make time stand still for a while!!!! Tell him happy b~day and maul his face off for me!!